How do you borrow money for your garden?

Nothing as pleasant as enjoying outdoors in the summer. Many Flemings choose their garden for this. Landscaping and design. Whether it is a large garden or a small terrace. You soon dream of a new garden house, a nice outdoor seating or just a fresh lawn. But how do you finance this? When the garden is built, the costs can rise high. You have to buy flowers and shrubs, you have to cut down trees, you have to sow, you have to dig through the ground, you have to dig up the ground. Can you borrow money for a garden? Yes, the garden loan .

What does it all really matter if you want to make your garden a bit more attractive again? There are several hidden costs, so you do not think about it at first thought. Just think what happens under the ground to pipes and the like. If you can do most of it yourself, then of course this is a good start and you can save a lot on the total cost. With a smart loan behind you, you will also be able to absorb the hidden or unexpected costs.

A so-called ‘ Gandalf loan ‘ (with lower APR) is not eligible. After all, the installation of a garden does not involve energy-saving measures. That way you quickly ended up with a (more expensive) revolving credit or a personal loan . The personal loan is designated if you know exactly how much you want to spend. If you want more room for maneuver because you do not yet know the total expenditure, a revolving credit is an option. Sometimes a revision of your mortgage loan is also possible. In order to enjoy the lower APR on your home loan , it is sufficient to once again request a part of your repaid capital and extend the term to a certain extent. So you must already be a part of your current mortgage loan   have paid off and have sufficient repayment capacity to borrow an additional amount.

Fortunately, there are now lenders such as ASD who have created the garden loan. The construction is very similar to a personal loan or an installment loan, but with a lowered APR. The minimum duration is 6 months with a maximum of 120 months. The payment (after approval) takes place on an account of choice after submission of the investment certificate. Easy sat.

To determine how much you need, start by measuring your garden. Furthermore, you look at what you have to spend, for example digging and installing electricity. Everything you have to do by a company is not cheap, a bit of excavation costs a few hundred euros. Keep this in mind with your budget. Ask for some quotes before you get a good insight of the expected costs.

Borrowing costs money. But with one bank or lender a pack more than with the other. Prepare yourself well before you step into your bank (and other banks). For example by first running comparison pages online, or making a first simulation via one of the tools on the internet.